Thursday, October 15, 2015

Running Out of Womb

My heart went out to Mikah as we were abruptly awoken this morning by a nurse to take our blood- and I had a thought. I felt so bad for him as he screamed and cried as the nurse squeezed blood from his little foot. Only 24 short hours before, he was cozy and warm in the womb. Comfortable. Safe. Now in a strange world with so many new things. A world not as safe and even a little scary. I'm sure at that time, Mikah would have loved to be back in my womb curled up in his warm cocoon of a home. Content in his known world. Even though this new world has been rough on our little man, he understood it was time to start living it.

Just think of all the wonderful things Mikah would be missing out on if he had stayed in his content, known world: he'd miss out on mommy' s eyes that look at him filled with so much awe and love, the tickle feeling of his daddy's beard brush against him as he gets late night cuddles, the smell and taste of fresh milk made just for him, the sound of big sister giggles every time he made a little sound, and the experience of learning and growing with every new and exciting minute. 

Ok Christians, now think.. What are you missing out on? What blessings are you not experiencing because you are choosing to live in your "spiritually safe" world. I challenge you to step up and start living because you are "running out of womb." 

How many times as Christians do we "stay in the womb"? Safe, comfortable, content. Not taking a chance to "get out" and "start living". There is nothing wrong with safety and begin with, but what if Mikah continued to stay in my womb? Eventually the room runs out... There is no more room for growth! The same thing happens in our spiritual life! If we stay in the safe zone and in our own world of content- our walk with Christ will NOT grow.

Now, how about it? Take a step out of your comfort zone- move where God directs- and watch yourself GROW!

Mikah Willem Fahrenbruck
October 14, 2015 @ 2:58 am
7lbs- 19 3/4 in