Thursday, December 29, 2011

Be a Little Childish

       I often think about children.. their freedom, their energy, their questions, their LIFE.. I love to hear their stories, their dreams, and their “what ifs”.. I love to see the twinkle in their innocent eyes and hear the giggles and whispers of their shared secrets, though nothing is a secret with a child. I often sit back and desire to be a child again. That happy and carefree. People often use the term “childish” as a negative thing, but I’m just not sure..
     As a kindergarten teacher, I spend most of my days with children. I teach them, I read to them, I talk with them, I discipline them, I play with them, I laugh with them, I love them, I listen to them, and mostly I learn from them. Every day I learn from them.
    I learn how to be a friend and get along with others I might not like. I learn how to forgive and treat someone like they never hurt me before.  I learn how to take life a little less serious and have a little more fun. I learn to always see the positive and the best in tough situations and in people. I learn how to laugh at the simplest things. I learn that it is alright to ask questions- how will you ever find out if you don’t ask. I learn that sometimes just a smile can make someone’s entire day and a hug an entire week. I learn that life must go on even when it’s hard. I learn that telling the truth may be difficult, but it’s always the best thing. I learn that it’s ok to sing loud and off key and dance off beat as long as you try and have fun doing it. I learn how to ask for help. I learn that sometimes all you need to do is stop and smell the flowers before you continue on your way. I learn that God designed each and every person on purpose for a purpose and we are meant to stand out and be different. I learn how to view people the same no matter their race, their religion, their income, or their disability. I learn that God can do anything and nothing is impossible. And mainly I learn how to love- truly love. Every day I learn how to be a little more like a child. So go ahead, call me childish. I’ll respond with a thank you.

            "While we try to teach children all about life, children teach us what life is all about."

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  1. I LOVE this is soooo true!