Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Headed to Preschool in the Fall

Well today I finally did it. I finally "officially" signed Aspen up for Preschool starting in August! I've been putting it off for a few months now because -yikes! Sending your baby to school for the first time is not easy! I know this is hard on any mom, but I feel it is 10 times more challenging when your child has special needs. 

Will she be able to communicate her feelings? Will she be treated well by her peers? Will the teachers see her true potential and ability? 

All of these questions do come to my mind, but I tend to focus more on the other questions I have.

How many more words will she learn at school so she can communicate with everyone? How many great friends will she make that will look past her disability and love her for her? How will she inspire her teachers and teach them to never limit any child based on their abilities?

I know, come August I will be a hot mess, but I'm so excited for this journey to continue! My sweet Aspen Ariya is a world changer and she wants everyone to know it! 

 #downsyndromeawareness #morealikethandifferent #journeywithdownsyndrome

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