Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mama!

20 Random Things My Mom Loves! ❤️

1. Jesus- She has a passion for Jesus that is rare and beautiful- always striving to be more like Him daily!
2. My dad- Though they are opposites in nearly every way they are truly soulmates who "makeup" where the other is lacking!
3. Her kids- She loves her kids more than anything and is very proud of all of our accomplishments!
4. Her grandchildren- Nothing brings more joy to her than spoiling and loving her grand babies!
5. Her family in general- Parents, siblings, nieces, nephews they all hold a very special place in her heart!
6. Books- She has a love for learning and a house full of books!
7. Giving gifts- Her love language is gift giving and she has a unique talent for finding the perfect gift for each person!
8. Theater- She loves the art of theater and is a very talented director!
9. Christmas- She loves ALL things Christmas and usually before Halloween! 😊
10. Her church/Bible Study- She loves her church and lights up when she talks about her Bible Study group!
11. Promptness- She always has and always will be on time and by on time I mean 20 minutes early!
12. Shopping- She loves to shop-anywhere any time!
13. Her new kitchen- She is so proud of her beautiful new kitchen and loves to put it to good use!
14. Branson- Branson is mom's Las Vegas! 😜
15. Her home- She may love Branson, but nothing will ever beat being home!
16. Ice Tea- She loves tea, BUT the cup must be filled to the brim with ice!
17. The law- I'm not sure she loves the law, but she is very faithful in obeying the law, which has dubbed her with the nickname "Miss Law"! 😊
18. Tiger Striped Fudge from Cabela's- Well duh, because fudge is delicious!
19. Red- The color red has always been her favorite color!
20. Writing- She is a very talented writer and has written many wonderful poems and children's books!

Happy Birthday, Momma! I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life!

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